KOOOT, a new women's fashion marketplace, is changing the traditional way of shopping for women in the region. Having officially launched their marketplace in June 2016, the e-commerce startup currently caters to both the UAE and Kuwait, with plans for expansion in the near future.


"What makes us different is the combination of a mall experience and a souq experience, in addition to an interactive blog, all designed to create a unique shopping and lifestyle experience that is relevant to women in the Middle East," Luma Bourisly, CEO of KOOOT, told StepFeed.

Providing shoppers with two options, the Global Mall and the Women's Souq, KOOOT is doing things differently than other fashion e-commerce businesses out there.

The Global Mall provides women with everything they're looking for. From accessories to bags to shoes and household items, the Global Mall is basically your one-stop shop for it all. What distinguishes the Global Mall from a normal fashion marketplace online in the region, is the fact that KOOOT orders global brands as part of the selection that have no presence in the region.

Some of these brands include Won Hundred in Denmark, Red Candy in the UK, and Polish & Co in the USA.

Photo source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

The other option to browse around in the Women's Souq, which is the destination for anyone looking for products produced by Arab women. What makes KOOOT really unique is this souq.


Offering culturally infused clothing items, accessories and household items, KOOOT uses this part of their business to empower Arab women, giving them a space to promote their work.

"Any woman in the Middle East can approach us through the website. We then look into her product and its quality, making sure that it fits the categories KOOOT.com showcases as well as the demands of our clients," Bourisly said.

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"Our space empowers women in several ways and makes them look and feel good inside out."