Earlier this week, Iraqi-Kuwaiti fashionista Dana Al Tuwarish revealed how much money an online influencer can make a month ... and well the internet had quite a lot to say.

The revelation came in a series of Snapchat videos in which the star discussed recent social media rumors accusing social media celebrities of money laundering.

"Today, a mobile phone has become a way to make money for some people and I am one of them. I started six-seven years ago and I get stable income from ads, this is other than businesses I launch or partner in," she said. 

"Now I want to calculate with you. If someone makes 4,500 KD ($14,788) per day, multiply that by 30 and you get a monthly income of 135,000 KD ($443,600.) This is how much a top influencer, who does 3 ads a day, would get. So what's weird or difficult about the amount of money they're making?" she added. 

It didn't take long before social media users spotted the fashionista's statement and uploaded it on Twitter. 

Reactions of tweeps who just wish they made half of what an influencer makes then started pouring in on the social media platform. 


The revelation left many speechless

"A million and something riyals per month"

Others were pretty confused

Some completely lost it

"Are you being serious or is this a joke?"


When compared to an influencer, we're all so poor

"I made this amount once in my life... during a Monopoly game."

What did anyone study for?

"I tirelessly study, get a college degree, and a government job ... and barely make 1,000 KD ($3,286) a month or even less."

The statement resulted in endless memes

"How people who have exams tomorrow feel after this"

"Can I become a fashionista now or am I too late?!"