American model and personality Kendall Jenner recently walked the carpet at the 2019 Emmys in a dress that felt like a walk down "hijabi" lane. 

Jenner wore a floral-printed strapless dress with a black latex bodysuit underneath it, a fashion statement hijabis fully embraced a few years back but never got compliments for. But when it's a 23-year-old model wearing a branded dress - made by London-Irish fashion designer Richard Quinn - then it somehow becomes worthy of praise and photoshoots? The gown has been described as an "exaggerated mermaid gown" and Jenner has been glorified for not being fazed by "temperatures of over 26°C." Welcome to the world of hijabis — minus the media attention and stereotypical questions, of course. 

Though long sleeve dresses are available in the market, many hijabis a few years back (some till today) preferred sewing a bodysuit to a strapless, tank top, or short sleeve dress to certain occasions namely prom and weddings. Maybe it's because department stores have sections dedicated to prom dresses but rarely are long sleeve dresses part of the selection. 

The internet noticed

It seems as though Jenner drew inspiration from hijabis when choosing an outfit for the Emmys. More accurately, the designer did when putting the floral-printed gown together. And people definitely noticed and couldn't help but point it out on Twitter.

"How every hijabi went to prom between 2009-2014"

"Since I was 9"

"This is what hijabis wear to weddings"

Some even posted evidence of this very fact

Others resorted to sarcasm

"What a miracle mashallah"

Photoshop skills were put to use

Need more proof that hijabis initiated this style? Here's a few:

Black on green

Black on red

Shades in parallel