King Abdullah II of Jordan is not your typical Arab ruler. 

Named after his great-grandfather King Abdullah (also known as the founder of modern Jordan), he is considered to be the 41st generation direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. 

In honor of his birthday - which falls on Jan. 30 - we decided to compile a few photos in celebration of the occasion. Take a look:

1. Back when he was just two-years-old

King Abdullah II of Jordan, baby King Abdullah II
Source: Wikipedia

2. And then came the golden days

King Abdullah II of Jordan, King Abdullah II military
Source: 9gag

3. Embracing culture to the core

4. Can't forget his awesome parenting skills

5. Adorable, right?

6. Uniforms are his strong suit

7. And when it's business, it's serious

8. Like, really serious

9. But, when it's family time, it's pure fun

10. Family portraits and whatnot

11. He makes couple photos seem elegant

12. Matching outfits! Who would've thought?

13. Gossiping never looked this classy

14. And grilling never looked so fun

15. Cockpit lessons like it's just a regular day

16. Rocking those sunglasses or what?