If you're an Arab, you probably love kunafa and you must have had it at least once in your lifetime. The revered dessert is a traditional favorite for people across the Arab world; it's almost rare to find anyone who doesn't like it. 

This probably explains the hilarious reactions to journalist Murtaza Mohammad Hussain tweet saying he dislikes the popular treat. 

In a post he shared with his followers on Saturday, Hussain wrote: 

"Having eaten many different kinds of knafeh on many different occasions, I don’t get how people like this." 

Soon after his followers spotted the tweet, a social media meltdown of the sorts ensued. Here's how it all went down: 

It all started when Hussain tweeted this out:

Now, to be fair, some people shared his opinion

But others didn't understand how anyone could dislike the glorious dessert


"I am shooketh, murtaza"

People really couldn't even...

The majority of those who spotted the tweet disapproved...

Love for kunafa is real

"I’m reporting this objectionable Tweet to Twitter"

Friendships can end over kunafa debates

"That’s almost an unfollow moment"

"Well...more knafeh left for the rest of us"

"You haven't had it in Lebanon, Palestine or Jordan"

This tweet is just...

Kunafa for the win...