We all agree that Queen Rania and King Abdullah are great ambassadors, not just of Jordan but the entire Middle East.

The couple inspires us in humanitarian work, education and family life. Not only that, they're also redefining our #RelationshipGoals. Here's how:

1. Whispering sweet nothings never looked so elegant

2. They can't get enough of each other

3. They secretly match their outfits

4. Quite often

5. They're with each other through thick and thin

6. And go on adventures together

7. And they know how to wear flashy colors

8. And definitely know how to casually pose for the camera

9. They're BBQ buddies

10. And are ultimate travel companions

11. They make cheesy look cute

12. Come rain or come shine...

13. They do humanitarian work together

14. Looking so serious never looked so good

15. Nothing beats the way she looks at him...

16. Except the way he looks at her!