It isn't everyday that you see a royal rocking a casual ride on a motorcycle, especially when traveling from country to country. 

But with Jordan's Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, such adventures are no big deal. In fact, he's no stranger to breaking the internet with his explorations. 

On Saturday, footage capturing his arrival to Saudi Arabia's Tabuk governorate went viral online. In the clip, the prince is seen riding a motorbike into the city along with a security convoy. 

According to local news outlets, the royal recently made a trip from Amman to the Saudi city, which borders Jordan's Aqaba. 

Known for his love for adventure, the prince's latest trip caused a meltdown among fans on Twitter.

The casual motorcycle trip was all over Twitter

Many welcomed the royal to Tabuk

"Welcome here whether on a bike, in a plane, or in a car." 

"Hala bil nashama"

People had a lot to say about the prince's convoy

"This convoy is something else." 

Some were pretty impressed by it

Others thought it was a bit too much

"Thousands of years passed and I am still waiting for this convoy to finish." 

"Quite the motorcade"