Rapists in Jordan can no longer escape punishment by marrying their victims.

Jordan's cabinet approved the amendment of controversial article 308 of the penal code Sunday, which exonerates rapists in the case where they marry their victims and stay with them for a period of no less than 5 years. 

The change was the result of the combined efforts of several lawyers, journalists, and activists. 

Muslim and Christian scholars have long called for the abolishment of Article 308 in hopes of offering better care for victims of rape and molestation, the Jordan Times reported.  

In 2015, the cabinet scraped the amendment stating that it was not final and would be reviewed later on. In the years that followed, several adjustments were made before it was finally approved. But it wasn't easy...  

Even members of the Royal family had expressed their frustration

Back in December, late King Hussein's sister, Princess Basma said: "it is the role of the media to build a unified stand against it and to raise the level of debate to make it a public opinion issue."

There has been backlash from supporters of the law

Supporters of the article have claimed that it "protects the honor and reputation of victims" and should not be amended. 

But opponents continued to rally, regardless. 

But now many are in full support mode

"Scrapping Article 308 is considered a reformist leap and not just a step. With all my heart I thank everyone who has contributed to the cause."

Some are skeptical

Celebrations are in order

There will be harsher punishments

According to the Jordan Times, the amendment "aims to enhance the rule of law, in a way that punishes any person who violates the law with the suitable penalties."