American actor John Travolta is coming to Riyadh this week and his fans in the kingdom are pretty excited.

On Friday, the star will be attending an open "dialogue session" organized by the kingdom's Entertainment AuthorityDuring the session, fans will be able to ask Travolta questions about his professional career and films.

This will be the first time the actor visits Saudi Arabia and his trip comes just a few days after the kingdom announced it will be lifting a long-standing ban on cinemas.

"An evening with John Travolta"

The news was announced in a series of hilarious tweets...

"You have cinemas now? When's the next flight to Riyadh?"

And a meltdown of the sorts is now unfolding...

"Is John Travolta really coming to Riyadh?!!! I can't believe this."

People just can't even...

Many are excited to meet the star in person

"I want to meet him and take a photo with him, can you make my wish come true?" 

"7aya Allah" Travolta

People are hailing Saudi's Entertainment Authority

"I think the Entertainment Authority is the best Saudi government body at the moment. Hats off to them." 

Saudi's entertainment scene is transforming under the leadership's Vision 2030

News of Travolta's visit to the kingdom comes at a time when its entertainment industry continues to evolve.

In recent months, and under the guidance of the country's General Authority for Entertainment, Saudi Arabia has been hosting all sorts of events, including musical concerts

In 2016, and under Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, an ambitious blueprint that has led to major transformations in the country, the nation established the Entertainment Authority.

Headed by Amr al-Madani, the government body aims to enhance the cultural and entertainment sector within the country.