Last October, Jennifer Aniston had us fawning over her in her ad for Emirates, and now she's back. This time with a plus one.

Emirates announced the new ad with a teaser yesterday, announcing that Jen was back "with a new friend." With almost 7,000 likes and nearly 1,000 shares, many speculated about the so-called friend. Could it be Brad? We waited with bated breath ...

In the video, Aniston steps out of her shower inside an Emirates plane, blow-dries her hair ... and heads back to her first class seat. You know, the works!

She arrives at her 1st class cabin, and gasps when she sees a special someone in her seat; a boy named Cooper. Apparently, this is her "new friend."


Seconds later, the surprise wears off and Aniston engages in a casual conversation with him, all the while touring the A380.

Cooper wants to be a pilot when he grows up ... he wants to be the pilot of  this  plane specifically.


"This is the best plane Jen," he says.

He then wanders back to his seat in economy to his family. Aniston follows him.


She decides to set up camp there and switch her seat with Cooper's mother!

How sweet, right? But then you realize that she probably raked in millions from this "self-lessness"

After the teaser yesterday, many people's expectations were sky-high, so to speak

Especially on the heels the #Brangelina drama

Because in our heads, anything can happen with Emirates. Anything.

In 2015, Aniston's $20 million advertising campaign for Emirates went viral, garnering more than 75,000 shares and 6.1 million views on YouTube.

The ad was brushed off as "elitist,"  for putting the best of its best in first class on full display. This ad may very well be seen as an answer to those criticisms.