Mahashi (stuffed vegetables) is a coveted dish served in Egypt and other countries across the Arab World. We take our koussa/batenjen mahashi so seriously, that comparing them to anything else is just off-limits. 

This was until a Japanese Twitter page compared the popular regional dish to sushi and claimed we loved the latter more. 

Uploaded on Monday, the tweet sparked a meltdown that has yet to quite down and had Arabs uniting in the fight for mahashi

"The same thing, but you prefer what's foreign. Wrapped sushi? Egyptian mahshi?" 

Some thought sushi is the better dish

But the majority of Arabs thought it's just nonsense

"How can you compare sushi to mahashi?"

"Is that even a question... of course we choose Egyptian mahshi"

"Mahashi are anti-depressants"

"What sushi are you comparing to mahashi? We don't just eat mahashi, absolutely not. We treat ourselves with it. You be depressed, you eat mahashi, and you find yourself all happy."

Arabs hit back with mahashi gifs

Mahashi over anything else

"Enough... mahshi is a green line"

Mahashi for the win

"With the majority of votes."