With a star-studded lineup that included J. Lo, Maroon 5, Pharell, Placebo, Ghita, Bawss and Soultana, Mawazine is Morocco's biggest music festival, drawing more than 300,000 fans this opening weekend. The festival runs through June 6.

But, that isn't preventing the music festival from landing in hot water for being deemed " too sexy " by some Moroccans.

Specifically, J. Lo's performance on Saturday night, which drew 160,000 fans.

The American singer's diamond-encrusted leotard, coupled with some salacious dance moves, had many criticizing the government for broadcasting the performance on state television. Some called for Communications Minister Mustafa Al-Khalfi to be fired. Khalfi blamed the singer, saying that all concerts are broadcast and that she should have worn less skimpy clothing.

Although J. Lo wearing sexy clothes shouldn't be unexpected, many thought she would tone her wardrobe choices down for Morocco, as it is a conservative Muslim country. Other international acts such as Lady Gaga have toned down their wardrobe choices when performing in conservative countries like the United Arab Emirates.

However, some pointed out that some Arab stars such as Lebanon's Myriam Fares wear similarly risquée clothing.

No word on any male performers' wardrobe choices, but here is a clip of the infamous diamond leotard.

While some of the dance moves are certainly sexual, we have to say: J. Lo rocked it. Whether she will be invited back to Morocco is a different story.