Dancing is a fundamental element of an Arab wedding. 

It is the time to show off your dance moves that you’ve been practicing all year round, scout for potential fiancés (if that's what you're looking for) and celebrate your joy for the happy couple. 

We have compiled a list of the top 10 songs you will definitely hear at an Arab wedding and be bound to get up (or be forcefully dragged) to dance to.

1. Mabrouk, Ramy Ayach

This song earns our #1 spot as it is heard in nearly every celebration - be it a wedding, graduation, promotion, or even birthday - in the Middle East, spreading joy and excitement all over. 

The voice of award-winning Lebanese artist, Ramy Ayach, can be heard loud and clear at Arab weddings no matter when, no matter how. 

2. Al Tanoura, Fares Karam

If you find yourself in the middle of the dance floor while this Lebanese song starts playing, grab onto a fellow guest's hand and get ready to do the dabkeh

Warning: Heels will come off and blazers will be thrown on the floor.

3. Boshret Kheir, Hussain Al Jassmi

Boshret Kheir took the Arab world by storm when it was released in 2014 as an attempt to motivate Egyptians to vote in the elections. 

The song, which reportedly took the writer one day to create, embraces the unification of Arab cultures, as the Emirati star Hussein Al Jasmi expresses his love for Egypt.  

It is also a way to announce 'good news' to the excited attendees.  

4. Habibet Alby, Joe Ashkar

Habibet Alby, which translates to ‘The love of my heart,' gets straight to the point with the opening lyric: ‘Badi yaki inti, badi tkoni marti’, meaning ‘I want you, I want you to be my wife.’ 

5. Efrah Fiki, Ramy Ayach

Another song by the Lebanese charmer, Ramy Ayach, perfectly professes the happiness of any groom excited to marry the love of his life. 

6. Daraj Ya Ghazaleh, Omar Al-Abdillat

One of Jordan’s famous singers, Omar Al-Abdillat, doesn't fail to get all the Arab youth to the dance floor. 

Warning: The song runs for almost 10 minutes, so you might want to take a water break in between.

7. C’est La Vie, Cheb Khaled

The Algerian star’s comeback in 2012 was not only a gift to the world, but to newlyweds across the Middle East as well. 

If you are a non-Arab and are attending an Arab wedding, do not be alarmed. This internationally acclaimed song is your chance to dance around freely. 

8. Jaynak Bhaya, Noor Al Zein and Ghazwan Al Fahad

If you’re sitting down while this Iraqi song is playing, then you are doing something wrong. 

Jaynak Bhaya, which literally translates to ‘We came to you like this’, instantly triggers continuous jumping for a good four minutes.

9. Ana Esmi Habibak, Ragheb Alama

Lebanese singer, Ragheb Alama, has been releasing catchy hits since the 1980’s. 

The melody of this song in specific will make all the distant relatives the newlyweds' parents forced them to invite feel like it’s the happiest day of their lives.

10. Ahebah Kolesh, Waleed Al Shami

Ahebah Kolesh is another Iraqi gem that never goes unnoticed at an Arab wedding. 

Released in 2014, this song doubles as a guide for non-Iraqi’s as they learn typical Iraqi slang such as ‘kolesh,’ which translates to ‘a lot.’