When you think of Saudi Arabia, you think scorching sun and desert. But thanks to climate change, predicting the weather is getting more and more difficult...Consider this: it snowed in the Saudi desert last week. 

Temperatures in certain parts of Saudi Arabia dropped below zero degrees on the week of November. 

Tabarjal, a town located in northern Al-Jawf region saw its temperatures drop to -3 degrees Celsius. Another town in the northern province, Al-Quryat witnessed lows of -1 Celsius. 

The central and northwest regions of the kingdom normally tend to see temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius this time of year. 

Climate change has also led to extreme heat in various parts of the region. 

Earlier this year, a NASA-led study revealed that the Middle East in 2016 experienced the worst drought in 900 years due to climate change. 

Projected hot weather extremes brought on by global climate change could make part of the Middle East and North Africa uninhabitable by the end of the current century. 

"MENA is a climate change hotspot that could turn into a scorching area in summer," the researchers wrote in the study published in the scientific journal Climatic Change. 

But, for now, people in Saudi Arabia are enjoying every bit of the unseasonable cold. 

Sandy browns covered in flaky whites

On the highways

Snow-capped mountains

Saudi snowman football fan