Arabic media spokesperson of the Israel army, Avichay Adraee, has been getting a taste of Arabs' ruthless trolling skills and impeccable sense of humor these past few days.

It all started with this tweet:

"I dare those who hide behind masks, as the one who is right does not hide. #If _You_Dare_We_Will_Surprise_You."

On September 11, Adraee took to Twitter to threaten the Lebanese group Hezbollah with a photo of him holding a cardboard that reads, "If you dare, we will surprise you," in Arabic.

Then, in a follow-up tweet, he wrote, "Despite our efforts to preserve peace and security at the northern borders, we will not hesitate to make whoever dares to threaten us pay the price."

In response, Arabs took the opportunity to troll Adraee by editing the text on the cardboard and replacing it with different statements ... and the results are hilarious. 

First things first: Long live Palestine

"Long live Palestine... Free, Arab."

Princess Adraee?

Rakkibni El Morgeha will never cease to be funny

He might as well be holding a "For Sale" sign

"Copper, aluminum, batteries for sale." 

Cheesy Arab pick-up lines made an appearance ...

"Good evening peaches, whom do I miss?"

As did Justin Bieber

Source: Facebook

Free hugs ... Since Israel is all about peace and love

"Why are you unhappy? We have free hugs."

"Don't follow me, I'm engaged"

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Only Lebanese Jnoubis will get this one

Source: Twitter

"I love you, Sawda."

This refers to the statement spray-painted multiple times across the walls of the Beirut-Southern Lebanon highway.

Arab savagery level: 10000000

Source: Twitter

"Donkey for sale."