Israel's self-promotion and branding tactics are getting quite desperate... to say the least. Evidence of that is clear on social media, where the occupying state is constantly trying to spread its problematic and fake peace-loving agenda. 

Things weren't so different earlier this week when Israel's embassy in the U.S. reached out to American model Christine Teigen on Twitter. 

The star had posted a tweet on the platform, expressing her excitement over cooking a recipe from a book titled "Jerusalem".  

The cookbook is co-written by two chefs, Palestinian-British Sami Tamimi and Israeli-British Yotam Ottolenghi. Its dishes are mainly inspired by Jewish and Arab heritage. 

In her tweet, Teigen also explained that it was quite difficult to find Mediterranean ingredients in the United States. 

That's when the occupying state's embassy chimed in, offering to help her find ingredients the next time she wants to cook a dish from the region. 

But they were quickly shut down by people who were having none of it. 

It all started when Teigen tweeted this out

The occupying state's U.S. embassy then decided to respond with this...

No one could even...

The hit backs were quite epic

And endless...

"How to have fun when you are having a day off from war crimes"

"Which Palestinian farmer are you stealing them from? Just curious"

"Nobody's listening to your cries for cultural relevancy through cultural theft, Israel"

"Creeper embassy"

You're just trying too hard...