It's 2018 and there are still far too many Islamophobes out there who think Muslims are scared of things prohibited by their faith.

These people include a racist tweep known as John Montgommery, who recently asked his followers to retweet images of things like bacon and alcohol in the hope it would scare Muslims on Twitter.

However, the scheme sort of backfired when Muslim tweeps found out about the plan and hilariously hit back at it. Here's how it all went down:

It all started when 'John the Islamophobe' tweeted this out

And Muslims were all there to hilariously troll the tweet

In the most savage way there is

"La hawla"

Not the bacon card again

"RT to scare a non-Muslim"

The trolling was endless

And ruthless

Because truth is ...

Here come the zamzam tears

Nightmares, nightmares everywhere

"RT to expose a bigoted asshole"

"Laughs in Muslim"

Only two words for this ...

"Bull shit."