A team-building exercise took a twisted and disturbing turn when several HSBC employees decided it would be comical to make a fake ISIS execution video.

The employees based in the United Kingdom posted the video to Instagram. It shows one man kneeling in an orange jumpsuit, with five other men standing around him menacingly in black jackets and ski masks. One of the men holds a coat hanger, pretending it is a knife to behead his fellow colleague.

The men go on to shout "Allahu akbar" (God is great) and let out shrill tongue trills before the video cuts. Thankfully, no one was actually decapitated.

Although it was later deleted from Instagram, appalled colleagues saw the video prior to deletion. HSBC quickly terminated six of the employees involved and apologized for the bizarre stunt.

"We took the decision to sack the individuals involved," an HSBC spokesman said, according to The Guardian.

"This is an abhorrent video and HSBC would like to apologize for any offence caused."

Our one question: Why did the cameraman get off easy?