What's the worst store name you can come up with? How about a name that scares off your customers?

Calling your store "ISIS" grants you instant fame ... but would Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi forgive you for copyright infringement?

The owners and managers of ISIS-named businesses have dealt with problems ranging from criticism and demands to change their stores' names, to police investigations and death threats.

Already, Belgian chocolate company Libeer and Nova Scotia's Immigrant Settle & Integration Services (or ISIS), founded in 1923, changed its name to Libeert after experiencing a slump in sales due to its name's association with the terrorist group.

Let's take a look at some of the obviously non-militant restaurants, hotels and spas from around the world that have arguably the most unfortunate name right now.

1. ISIS Beauty Academy in Walton-on-Thames, England


Services include: Manicure, makeup, haircuts and ... beheadings?

2. ISIS Boutique in Worcestershire, England

isis boutique

Owner Jill Campbell was forced to issue a statement saying she has no connection to the extremist group. Despite being threatened, she refused to change the store's name, saying: "We've been here for seven years, we were called ISIS before all of this, and the name represents our business."

Maybe she could just change the colors?

3. ISIS Centre in Manchester, England

Derek Morgan and Lisa Warburton were also abused because of their spiritual shop's name after opening it in central Stockport years ago. However, they are simply owners of a shop and community center that specializes in alternative therapies and spiritual activities, such as tarot readings for people of all religious denominations.

Wait, did you say "spiritual" and "religious?"

4. ISIS Boutique in Montreal, Canada

The owners have seen no reason to change the name of their small boutique on Parc and St. Joseph as they have not received any complaints or threats.

OK, keep the name ... but do you really need to hang black flags at the door?

5. ISIS Crystal Shop and Alternative Healing Centre in St. Albans, England

The shop says it specializes in "crystals, books, music, meditation, workshop CDs, alternative therapies such as crystal healing and Reiki and promoting a wealth of workshop classes and talks on wide ranging subjects including crystal healing, Reiki and Shamanism from both international and local experts."

It says "workshops." No mention of any "training camps" ... Next!

6. ISIS Women's clothing store in Guangdong

The Longgang District public security bureau released an official statement saying that the apparel store named ISIS was not to be feared based on a Chinese government investigation.

The counter-terrorist units' report said the owner named her store "Yisi yisi" which means "a token of gratitude" in Chinese.

7. ISIS Hotel and Restaurant in Manchester, England


ISIS-style hospitality on Bolton Road in the town of Swinton ...

8. ISIS Books and Gift Shop in Denver, Colorado

The Denver-area store was vandalized five times in 2015, according to its co-owner Jeff Harrison. Harrison insists, however, that he won't change his store's name.

Al-Baghdadi had something to say about the copyright infringement, according to anonymous sources.

But why are all these stores called ISIS?

Isis is a goddess first worshipped in Ancient Egypt as the ideal mother and wife, she is also the patron of nature and magic.

Often depicted as the mother of Horus, the falcon-headed god featured throughout Egyptian mythology, Isis' image also passed into Roman and Greek mythology. She is still worshipped by some pagans today.

This article originally appeared in Arabic on YallaFeed .