Netflix is looking for a social media manager who is "deeply knowledgeable" in the Middle Eastern market and is fluent in Arabic. The job listing, posted discreetly on the streaming giant's website, hints that Netflix's expansion to the Arab world could be happening soon.

The firm, which already operates in 50 countries and has more than 60 million subscribers, is looking to dominate in the media consumption field by introducing a worldwide strategy that could alienate more traditional media. Already, Netflix will be operating in India by 2016, a market which, according to BGR, "leads the world in Internet growth across both mobile and desktop platforms."

Netflix has also started to look into "experienced linguists" who should be able to translate content and customize it to fit the different markets Netflix is likely to invade. Languages include Arabic, Vietnamese, and Italian.

Arabs sure seem eager to tap into the large encyclopedia of films and television shows that Netflix offers:

Editor's Note (Oct. 23): NetFlix has confirmed that it will be expanding to the Middle East, by the end of 2016, in an email to IGN .