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In May, actor, comedian, and rapper Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) released a new single titled "This Is America" ... which heavily criticized gun violence in the U.S. 

Unsurprisingly, Arabs released their own humorous versions ... but there was one rapper who decided to shed light on a more serious topic. 

Earlier this month, Iraqi rapper I-NZ - who grew up in New Zealand - released his own version of the song titled "This is Iraq" - in which he recounts the massive violence in the country following the US-led invasion in 2003. 

"This is Iraq. Your beginning is your end. Your passport will end you, but don't you dare make a mistake," the 32-year-old says in the music video.

He also highlights the lack of media coverage on the issue. 

"They're immune, this is telly, that's the news, media blackout, then it's lights out, keep sniffin' the tar," he says in one scene in the video.

In the opening scene of the video, an elderly man can be seen being executed while peacefully playing the lute after U.S. soldiers forced the rapper to shoot the man. 

In another scene, the rapper recreated horrific incidents of maltreatment and humiliation of detainees during the invasion, including the documented tortures at Abu Ghraib prison which became public in 2004.

"This represents the transition from old and beautiful to all that is new and ugly as a result of the invasion of your country. This is represented by soldiers who force the country into war and destruction that it did not ask for," I-NZ told VICE Arabia.

Towards the end, a man - wearing a mask resembling former U.S. President George W Bush - makes his way into the scene. 

The video mocks Bush for his infamous speech in May 2003, which was delivered under a "Mission Accomplished" banner. 

"Powerful video. Legit tears"

"This should be evolving into a world wide movement"

"Millions of Iraqis killed, tortured, displaced by the US"

The video has garnered over 800,000 views. Watch it below: