In a tragic turn of events, six out of the septuplets recently born in Iraq passed away, Sky News Arabia reported

The deaths were announced by the infants' father via a Facebook post he uploaded on Tuesday. 

"My newborns have passed away," he wrote. 

In a statement to Sky News Arabia, Mohammed Khairallah, the official spokesman of the hospital where the septuplets were born, said the infants suffered medical complications because they were born prematurely and had underdeveloped organs. 

The babies' mother is now in stable condition, but the last surviving septuplet, a girl named noor, continues to be in critical condition. 

The septuplets made headlines across the Arab world after they were born in Diyali city's Al Batoul Hospital earlier this month.

At the time, the official spokesperson for the city's health department, Firas Al Izzawi, issued a statement on the matter saying their 25-year-old mother gave birth naturally and was in good health after the procedure.

He also explained that the seven newborns received medical check-ups and were in perfect health.

The infants' passing left people shocked

"Oh my God."

"My heart aches. May God grant their mother patience"

"My heart goes out to their mother"

"It truly is a catastrophe"

Everyone sent out their prayers

"May God heal the hearts of their mother and father." 

"May they rest in peace"

"And may God protect their surviving sibling."