Iraq's consulate in Kuwait has threatened that it will take legal action against popular Kuwaiti actress Malak over "insulting" comments she allegedly made against Iraqis on Snapchat, Al Rai newspaper reported

In a statement published on their official website last Thursday, Iraq's Ministry of Foreign affairs announced it will be filing a lawsuit against the actress. 

"We have submitted an official letter to Kuwait's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asking them to investigate the matter and take appropriate action against those involved in defaming and insulting Iraqis. We are also in the process of filing lawsuits against them in Kuwaiti courts," the statement read

The announcement, which is now making the rounds online, came just over a week after Malak angrily responded to comments allegedly made by some of her Iraqi followers on social media. 

In a rant she posted on Snapchat earlier this month, the actress attacked her Iraqi followers, telling them that their country will never be considered a "Gulf nation", and demanding that they collectively unfollow her on social media. 

The actress' initial comments had sparked outrage

The actress' Snapchat rant had sparked outrage on social media, with thousands of Kuwaitis, Iraqis, and other GCC nationals condemning her comments. 

Amid the intense backlash, she deactivated her Instagram account but continues to be active on Snapchat.

People react to the latest twist in the case

Some think the actress must be held accountable

"She deserves this."

Others believe the entire incident is being blown out of proportion

"Countries all over the place are in a state of war and the Iraqi embassy has time for this."

A few are defending Malak...

"I don't know why this has turned into such a huge deal. The woman shared her opinion in her own way, whether you accept it or not, it's just her personal opinion. If she did use words deemed offensive, that's her problem, but to file cases against her is just uncalled for. In the end, what she said isn't really going to add or take anything away from the people of Iraq." 

Many are raising this point

"In every society, there are those who lack intellect. Whether it's Malak or anyone else, no single person represents the opinions of everyone in Kuwait. If an Iraqi person insulted Kuwait, they would also not be representing the country's entire population. As an Iraqi, I just think we should ignore the things Malak said and simply not focus on the matter."