Music is a world everyone agrees on belonging to. No matter the genre or the instrument, a good song will live eternally and that's proven with people's love toward 1800's classical tunes and obsession with 2000's catchy pop songs. 

It isn't always easy for one to sing their way into people's hearts, but once they do, consider them unmovable. 

Ali Gatie, only 22 years old, has achieved the latter so effortlessly that his songs It's You and Moonlight have become synonymous with his name.

The Iraqi-Canadian singer has seen major success with his music, racking up 55 million views on the lyric video of Moonlight and 79 million on It's You. Both songs, as with all of his songs, feel quite personal and hit you hard without a warning.

"It's You" is so popular that an Arabic lyric video was released for his Arab fanbase

Gatie was born in Yemen to Iraqi parents before the entire family moved to Dubai when he was still young. He spent part of his childhood in the Emirati city before once again moving and this time settling in Mississauga, Canada.

According to his YouTube bio, "he credits a lot of his music-making philosophy to the traditional Arab values of hospitality and generosity that his parents raised him with."

Well, once you're born Arab ... you'll always be Arab, especially if brought up in a city as bright, accommodating, and diverse as Dubai. 

Due to the success of his single It's You, which was streamed over 590 million times and was certified Platinum and Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), it was only natural to see his song translated to Arabic.

It is worth mentioning that Gatie started off his career completely on his own, dedicating his time to fans on social media to build a personal connection with them. He once replied to over 2,000 fans on Snapchat in one day ... and I still can't reply to my manager's emails in less than a week. 

The young artist was soon enough snatched and signed by Warner Records right after the release of Moonlight. Talk about a good catch. 

"It's You" and "Moonlight" aren't the only songs Gatie has in store for fans ... he released his debut EP this month

On Nov. 8, Gatie released his debut EP - meaning Extended Play - titled You (which listeners can stream here) with nine songs that carry deep meaning to the singer. 

His career looks promising, and we're not just talking number-wise. 

His songs are the embodiment of a hyperloop train: destination "Planet Love." 

And if it's not the listeners melting in their seat over Gatie's soulful voice, it's his songs' gleeful undertone promising you the best adoration story you'll experience in three minutes. 

Arabs are surely in love with the new singer

Apparently all of his songs are a hit ????????‍♀️

To an extent Ali Gatie is now a "Mood"

Side effects? His lyrics might be tear-inducing

Ali Gatie is the boyfriend you wish you have. Period.