Series and film director, Elie F. Habib, takes time out from his busy schedule to talk to StepFeed.

To get in the mood before you plunge into the insightful interview, check out the trailer of his latest film, Vitamin :

What do you think was the 'magic formula' behind the popularity of BeBe ?

"Well, it's a secret recipe that I won’t reveal. Hehehehe. Just kidding.. as a matter of fact, we worked on a Hollywood formula in the script and the same applied to all the technical parts including acting (spontaneity, that is). In addition to that, BeBe’s subject was a humane one which people associated and identified with."

Was your approach to Vitamin similar, or did you try a different 'formula’?

"Actually it's the same formula however, a different genre (adventure comedy) with a purposeful thematic approach."

Beyond the comedy, BeBe touched upon the way mentally challenged individuals are treated in our society. Does Vitamin, beyond the laughs, touch upon certain issues?

"Well, it surely does. Vitamin has a purpose other than laughter. It targets the youth and makes them think of their country and/or nation. It is a patriotic movie in a sense."

Did you face any challenges during the making of Vitamin? And if so, how did you overcome them?

"Well we faced lots of challenges which are uncountable (smiles)! But we kept walking because the cast and crew were great and everyone had "the spirit” and positive vibes on set."

What makes Vitamin stand out in the Lebanese film industry?

"I believe its genre does stand out. This kind of movie is rarely done not only in Lebanon but also in the Middle East."

Do you have any other films in the pipeline?

"I surely do: 'every year a movie', that’s a spirit. But I can’t talk about it now since I haven’t decided yet which idea to choose from since I have 2 ideas in mind."

You've been a director since 2001. What would you say is the key difference between series and films?

"It's like the difference between caviar and french fries. You can’t have it everyday, but when you do, you should caress it."

What advice would you give aspiring filmmakers in the region?

"That’s the preaching part I guess (smiles). One sentence: 'If you dream it, you can make it. It's you who dreamt in the first place.'"