The majority of us have become incredibly dependent on internet access, as though life depends on it. Well, it's mainly because life in the digital age does - so much that internet access is often considered a basic human right.

But, the cost of access varies, depending on the city of residence. Turns out, Dubai is the most expensive city in the world in terms of broadband costs.

This fact was revealed by Deutsche Bank's survey, titled Mapping the World's Prices 2019, which positioned cities in comparison with one another on several fronts. These include serious matters such as rent and internet costs as well as less-serious items such as a cup of cappuccino or a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. 

Dubai ranked as the most expensive city in the world in terms of average broadband cost (per 8 Mbps). 

The internet costs in the city have decreased by $3 since 2018 but still stand at $82 in 2019, making it $30 higher than the second most expensive cities in the world. 

How does it compare to other cities? Here's a breakdown:

  • Dubai, UAE: $82
  • Dublin, Ireland: $52
  • San Francisco, United States: $52
  • New York, United States: $52
  • Boston, United States: $50 
  • Auckland, New Zealand: $50
  • Wellington, New Zealand: $46
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: $46 
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: $46
  • Cape Town, South Africa: $46 

The cheapest city for internet access is Moscow, Russia, costing $7 per 8 Mbps. The Egyptian capital Cairo is among the five cheapest cities in the world in terms of broadband costs, standing at $12 per 8 Mbps. This is $31 cheaper than the city's broadband cost in 2014 ($43). 

How does Dubai rank with other cities in terms of monthly rent?

Dubai is the 18th most expensive city in terms of monthly rentals of a two-bedroom apartment. On average, a mid-range apartment of those specs costs $1,576, whereas the cost of such an apartment is $3,685 in Hong Kong, which ranked No.1 in this category. 

The monthly apartment rentals in Dubai surpass cities like Shanghai ($1,432) and Madrid ($1,194) for example.

How about in terms of gym memberships?

If you want to get fit, maybe consider selling a kidney. The most expensive city in the world for gym memberships located in business districts is Hong Kong ($125.4 per month). The third most expensive city is Dubai. Surprised or not? 

In the city's business districts, gym memberships cost $110 a month. To put this in perspective, the cheapest gym membership in the world is the Bangladeshi city of Dhaka, averaging $24 a month. 

How about a pair of Levi's jeans?

You would think clothing items would cost approximately the same in different cities around the world, but no, that's far from being the case. 

A pair of Levi's jeans is sold at a hefty price ($119) in Zurich, Switzerland. The cost of the jeans in Dubai stands at $81, whereas in Lagos, Nigeria it's being sold at $24. So, maybe Lagos should become Dubai residents' next shopping destination?