Over the weekend, due to its hefty price tag, a photo of a box of sour green plums - aka jenerik - went viral on Lebanese social media. 

Fadi Fruits, a Lebanese fruit shop located in Jnah, was selling a 300-gram box of the fruit for 61,000 LBP ($40). So, one kilogram of the fruit costs 200,000 LBP ($132), a real monetary investment for many people in Lebanon.

In a report published by LBC Lebanon, the insanely expensive price tag was confirmed. The owner of the shop spoke to LBC Lebanon, explaining that the fruit was imported from Turkey due to high demand. 

Of course, people in Lebanon couldn't help but crack jokes at the news ... and they're beyond hilarious.

Not everyone can afford a jenerik ring you know...

Rihanna references soon followed

Potential Mother's Day gift?

FACT: A jenerik tree can provide you for life

Craving jenerik? Time to get a loan

Jenerik > iPhone X

A: Habibi I want an iPhone X

B: Hayate, please be patient till the price goes down

A: OK, habibi I'm craving jenerik 

B: Hayate, what color iPhone would you like? 

Is jenerik dowry going to become a thing?

Exchange all your bills to jenerik currency

"Bazella and loz are superior"

"We don't have enough money for jenerik, happy?"

The reality in a nutshell