In an incredible story that reveals the positive power of social media, an Indian woman has been granted an emergency visa to the UAE to visit her critically ill husband, the Khaleej Times reported.

Earlier this week, Indian wife – named Garima on Twitter – sent out a desperate tweet directed at her nation's  external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj. After Garima's husband became critically ill with a brain stroke in Dubai, she applied for an emergency visa to visit him.

However, as her husband's condition remained serious and her visa still hadn't come through, the loving wife decided to ask for direct intervention.

Garima tweeted at Swaraj with the hope her message would get noticed

Many quickly jumped to Garima's support, with thousands retweeting her plea

And Garima's request for assistance didn't go unnoticed, with Swaraj quickly responding

The minister immediately jumped into action to address the issue

And Swaraj's tweets were even followed up with a phone call to Garima

Within less than a day, the visa came through

Garima expressed her immense gratitude for the support and assistance she received

The story has caused many to praise the caring attitude of Swaraj

The power of technology and caring leaders ...

Swaraj has since pinned a tweet encouraging others to share their problems and concerns via Twitter

The loving wife has since arrived in Dubai, posting a photo from her husband's bedside