Arabs are known for greeting people with three kisses; Indians, though, with massive hugs. That's exactly what happened when India's Prime Minister welcomed Saudi Arabia's crown prince to the country last night.

On Tuesday, PM Narendra Modi met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) upon arrival to India's airport. Modi embraced MBS in his arms ... and the two political leaders hugged it out pretty intensely

The kingdom's Center for International Communication (CIC) said the reception marked a "milestone" for relations between the two nations ... and went beyond Indian government protocol. Usually, the prime minister meets foreign leaders at the presidential palace, not at the airport.

*Waiting for MBS* on the runway

*Almost there*


Flowers were ALSO present!

Saudi's crown prince is in India for two-days in hopes to boost ties between the two nations. 

The two announced "infrastructure and trade agreements" during their meeting in New Delhi on Wednesday and signed five different bilateral agreements. 

"Investment opportunities for Saudi Arabia in India will exceed $100 billion," said MBS, according to The National.

Watch the moment below:

Dubbed "the famous hug"

"Where's my shawarma, habibi?"

Other observations: "Crown Prince is tall"

"A warm welcome"