Since October, Iraqis have taken to the streets to protest against the entire ruling class and demand the end of the political system that has been in force since 2003. Revolutionaries are exhausting all means of expressing their rage and asserting their demands, and art is no exception. 

As part of reclaiming public spaces, artists have decorated walls with graffiti and street art that echo Iraqis' struggles and highlight revolutionaries' resilience. Here's a glimpse:

1. Arabic calligraphy in all its glory

2. Artworks range from the cheerful ...

3. To the heartbreaking

4. Creative defiance knows no bounds

"Iraqi channels" Source: Twitter/Trevorttg

5. A tribute to women's leading role in the uprising

6. "Street art museum"

7. The Hulk vs. The Iraqi

8. "We demand a homeland"

9. "Tick tock, your time is up"

What's going on in Iraq?

In one of the largest and deadliest anti-government protests in years, Iraqis are condemning corruption and calling for more employment opportunities and better public services. Leaders are widely accused of abusing public funds and enriching themselves as well as the country's elite while failing to provide their people with the most basic of services such as electricity, clean water, and proper infrastructure.  

Security personnel has used excessive force and live ammunition in an attempt to quell protests, killing over 500 protesters and thus drawing condemnation from international human rights groups.