After severe flooding and heavy rains in Egypt, the Nile River has turned a murky brown.

Significant amounts of silt and soil have poured into the waterway due to the rains and flooding. The brown muck has led to the closure of several main water treatment facilities. This has also disrupted water supplies to residents. 

It looks a lot like sewage ...

So much for a picturesque Nile cruise ...

Egyptians are trying to pick up the pieces

At least 29 people have been killed and more than 70 have been injured throughout the county.

Egypt's health minister said South Sinai, the Red Sea, Sohag and Bani Suef in Upper Egypt were affected. Relief supplies began reaching the hardest hit areas on Tuesday.

Streets became rivers

Only boats could still park in this parking garage

People tried to drive

But a lot of cars didn't make it

It's become a big mess

Some people have questioned the government's crisis response

"The people in Ras Gharib are in a worse condition than you could imagine. Their condition would make anyone empathise with them. Is the army not going to spread out in 6 hours and save the people before they die?"

Relief and aid arrived ... just not as soon as some people expected

"Minister Kamal el-Wazeer, head of the engineering body of the armed forces, oversees the dealings with the after effects of the floods and food distribution in Ras Gharib."