It's true, the Arab world doesn't have its own Grammys (although we do have our own version of it), but that doesn't limit our imagination in any way.

What if the stars at the 2019 Annual Grammy Awards were Arab? Here's how the ceremony would've played out:

"Look at all the shawarma I'm going to devour"

"It's OK, I can handle a little toum breath"

"Say mashallah, I don't wanna get jinxed"

"Kaak w jebne! Kaak w jebne! Meen bado?"

Serving "Vimto & Dates" all throughout the ceremony

Legendary songs would've been sung

Drake's speech: "Inshallah, Inshallah, 3a2belkon"

"Kele Khara Cardi"

"W YALLA 3AL DABKE" - Michelle Obama