So, we went to check out the James Bond exhibition at Burj Khalifa and it’s pretty dope! 

Collector guns and gadgets, 007’s Aston Martin DB10, Daniel Craig’s wardrobe from Casino Royal, James Bond’s fashion over the years and more are on display until Feb. 13. 

We couldn’t help but see obvious similarities between Bond’s lifestyle and Arab expats living in Dubai. Which led us to wonder: Hmmm … what if James Bond was an Arab expat in Dubai?

His name

Boulos, Jad Bolous

His undercover occupation

Ex-broker who became a banker.

His pad

JLT when times were hard, but now he lives in Downtown.

His suits

Considering their impeccable tailoring, we assume he’d get them tailored in Satwa (but he says he had them custom-made at Pal Zileri).

His shoes

Jad’s shoes are handmade in Italy and polished at the Cobbler in Dubai Mall.

His grooming

He appreciates an old school classic grooming style with a twist of hip. This is why he’d go for Akin Barber in Al Quoz.

His gym

Although the ladies are his main workout, Jad has a private instructor twice a week. They both run shirtless on The Palm.

His car

The one and only Aston Martin, although the loan is still not paid off.

His outings

Although he prefers private, invite-only events that his friends at Chanel, Chalhoub and Cartier get him, you’ll also find him at Zuma, La Petite Maison, La Cantine, (basically any place that begins with “La”) and he is always accompanied by an exotic model.

His favorite James Bond pick-up line

“I always enjoyed learning a new tongue”.

His friends

Marco, Zein, Francois and Charbel are inseparable, the rest are lady friends. Francois is his business partner. Yes, Jad has a business on the side. It is a spare parts trading company for exotic cars.

His favorite food

The 350 dirham ($95) steak at Nusr-Et in Four Seasons.

His idea of a romantic date

If you are lucky enough to be Jad’s date, he’ll whisk you off to watch Dubai from the air inside a rented helicopter. He then take you for an afternoon tea at At.mosphere in Burj Khalifa … what else?!

The quote he lives by:

“You can absolutely spend what you don’t have”

Ola Kseroof contributed to this post.