The setting...

Raquel, Mona, Rami, Shadi, Jo and Farah spend a lot of their free time hanging out in Cafe Younes in Hamra. It's conveniently located near the "old rent" apartment that several of the friends live in at different points during the series.

Meet Raquel...

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Growing up between Paris and Beirut with well-to-do parents, Raquel is a Frenchy par excellance . But after fleeing her wedding, she becomes somewhat estranged from her parents. Meeting up with her old friend from IC, Mona, she decides to move into her massive "old rent" apartment in Hamra.

Deciding that she needs to be independent, she lands a job working at nearby Cafe Younes. Eventually she moves on to work in fashion, starting at Zara and then becoming a buyer and personal shopper at Aishti. She goes on to land a job as an executive for Elie Saab.

Raquel and Rami have a complicated relationship throughout the series – partly due to their different religious backgrounds. Finally, they end up together when Raquel dramatically gets off a plane bound for a new job in Dubai.

Meet Mona...


Mona is the "sit el kel" of the group. She's the unsung hero of the friends group. Growing up, Mona was close friends with Raquel, but she didn't spend her summers in Paris. After Raquel runs from her wedding, she meets up with Mona, who introduces her to the rest of the gang.

Professionally, Mona is working as a cook, with dreams of becoming a head chef, a job she eventually lands at a swanky restaurant, Balthazar in Beirut Souks. She's a neat freak and always cooking for the others. She has one brother named Rami.

Mona marries Shadi in a civil marriage in Cyprus.

Meet Rami...


Rami is the smart one. Although he grew up in Beirut with his sister Mona, he went on to study in the United Kingdom. He became a PhD and now teaches archaeology at the American University of Beirut. Most of the friends don't really understand or care about his job or research, cracking jokes at his expense.

While Mona and Raquel were both popular kids in high school, Rami was always a nerd and didn't have many friends. He became best friends with Shadi during his undergraduate studies at AUB.

Rami has bad luck in relationships and dates a variety of different women. However, he truly loves Raquel and in the end, they get together.

Meet Shadi...


Shadi is the jokester of the group. In any situation, he's ready with a sarcastic comment to lighten the mood. He always complains about his tedious job at Bank Audi. But, it pays the bills, so he sticks with it. Although he doesn't flaunt it, he's the one in the group that always has money.

He became best friends with Rami while studying at AUB and they've been close ever since. Shadi is also responsible for introducing Jo to the group.

Meet Jo...


His name is actually Youssef, but everyone calls him Jo. He loves shawarma and has a strong appreciation for women. He's also one of the nicest and friendliest guys you could ever meet. Although he does odd jobs to survive, Jo is an actor. He lands some small parts in local productions, which the gang watches to support... but are rarely impressed with. Eventually he gets roles on several MTV and LBC ramadan series.

His go to phrase when meeting a new lady is "shu ya helo...fee minnik ala jello?"

He met the group of friends when he moved in with Shadi.

Meet Farah...


She is definitely the quirky one. Nobody knows exactly how Farah makes money. She doesn't have a lot of it, but she doesn't have a regular job and how she survives is a wonder to all. But she does manage to pick up occasional gigs singing with her oud at local pubs and cafes. You can usually find her at Radio Beirut.

Her backstory is rough and complicated. She and her twin sister were the result of a complicated love triangle between a man and two women. For a while, she lived on the streets and never really attended school. This didn't stop her from learning fluent English, French and even Spanish, claiming she studied on the streets while selling flowers to survive. She spent time living in Istanbul as well, or at least, that's what she says.

She met the group when she moved in with Mona and entertains them with shocking and crazy stories, like the one time she stabbed a Saudi prince... who stabbed her first.