As the Texan city of Houston suffers from the worst storm to hit the United States in 12 years, many Muslims are refusing to sit back and seek shelter until it passes.  

Hundreds of Muslims, especially those belonging to the Ahmadiyya community, have gone the extra mile to help out those affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

The tropical storm, from which the city is expected to take years to fully recover, has left at least eight dead and thousands stranded. 

Here are some Muslim relief efforts in Houston: 

Muslim youth hit the streets to help out

According to The Independent, over 100 members from the nonprofit organizations Muslim Youth USA and Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association hit the streets of Houston to distribute food, water, and other supplies to those affected.

Some volunteers also moved around in boats to help out and make sure everyone is safe.

Muslim lawyer, activist, and spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Qasim Rashid, said that the groups mobilized their volunteers and prepared them even before the hurricane had struck.

The latter headed to the affected neighborhoods only two days after the storm first hit the city.

Volunteers from Islamic Relief USA also lent a helping hand and teamed up with the American Red Cross to set up a “mega shelter” in the Dallas Convention Center.

Mosques open their doors for those in need of shelter

Several mosques and churches are welcoming people and offering them shelter, such as the Islamic Society of Greater Houston.

This came as megachurch Lakewood Church, which includes a 16,800-seat indoor arena, went under fire for closing its doors due to the hurricane

Muslims raise thousands of dollars for those affected

Humanity First, an Ahmadiyya Muslim foundation dedicated to disaster relief, has raised over $18,000 for the victims of the hurricane.

Similarly, Islamic Relief USA has allotted an emergency fund for Hurricane Harvey. 

Naturally, Muslims are helping out regardless of race or ethnicity

Basically, this is "why you shouldn't tag all Muslims are terrorists"