Egypt's Ministry of education suspended distribution of free meals across state schools in Egypt on Thursday due to food poisoning.

The move comes after the latest outbreak of food poisoning left at least 435 children severely ill in three different cities across the country, according to Middle East Eye.

This is said to be the latest of a series of mass food poisoning outbreaks  recorded at state schools across the country. The poisonings are allegedly caused by free school meals that are offered to students.

In a statement posted on the Ministry's Facebook page officials said that a committee will be formed to "find out the reasons behind these occurrences ... and conduct required investigations."

"4,650 suspected food poisoning cases" were recorded nationwide during the month of March alone according to ABC News.

Some people expressed anger over the Ministry's negligence of safety and hygiene measures

"The best response to every official making decisions on the school food poisoning catastrophe is to ask him and his family to have a free school meal for dinner."

"Cases of food poisoning among school children in Monufia because of school biscuits!! This is a catastrophe, what are you waiting for before you make a move?"

Others lashed out at the decision to suspend free school meals amidst the current economic crisis in Egypt.

"They steal millions and then suspend a school meal that isn't even filling or nutritious."

"Half an hour ago, the Minister of education suspended free school meals across all state schools in Egypt, we know that no one is going to be held accountable."