Legendary Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah and his family made sure to celebrate Eid back home this year. The Liverpool forward, his wife, and their daughter spent the vacation in Salah's hometown, Nagrig. 

The Liverpool star's presence ignited quite the frenzy across the village, with hundreds barricading his home in a bid to get a glimpse of him. 

But as usual, his daughter Makka stole the limelight after she was spotted taking a stroll with her mom outside the family's home. 

Images of the footballer's daughter spending time with her friends quickly caught people's attention online. Local news reports stated she was accompanied by security guards throughout the trip - as were her parents.  

Salah was expected to attend Eid prayers in a local mosque but failed to leave his house due to a block caused by a massive crowd of people waiting for him in the streets. 

His residence and the areas surrounding it were chaotically crowded with fans, which had Salah frustrated. In a tweet he posted on Wednesday, he wrote

"The behavior of some journalists and some people makes it difficult for one to leave the house to perform Eid prayer. This has nothing to do with love. This is called disrespect of privacy and lack of professionalism."

Despite the chaos, all people were focused on was this

"Too beautiful"


"Photos that bring you joy"

Not the first time little Makka steals the show, though ... and probably won't be the last

Back in May she was the center of attention after her father was awarded the Golden Boot for scoring 22 goals during this Premier League season. Makka took to the field, put the ball in the net, and ultimately earned a standing ovation from fans at Anfield.

The 4-year-old walked away from the net in an adorably humble fashion as hundreds of fans cheered her on

In 2018, the little girl also got all the attention after Salah secured the 2017-18 Golden Boot award.