Egyptian humor never fails to crack us up, especially when its met with impeccable photoshop skills

Last week, Egyptian comic page Tammat El Targama posted photoshopped pictures of Hollywood stars as Egyptian countrymen and a user pitched an ideal scenario for the series: "Local Hollywood stars living the Egyptian dream after leaving Trump's USA".

In light of Donald Trump's election, some Hollywood stars have ditched the high life and took up Egypt as their new home. They decided to blend in with the locals, taking up common jobs and becoming part of the ever-vibrant Egyptian streets.

Okay not really, but let's imagine they did and have a good laugh.

1. Morgan Freeman becomes Mohsen Naeema, a handicraftsman

2. Vin Diesel becomes Farid al-Dayzal, a fruit cocktail master at "Jannat al-Fawaka"

3. John Travolta becomes Hajj John Abu Batta, a humble grocer

4. Mel Gibson becomes l'm3allem Michel Mohsen, a baker

Mel Gibsen photoshopped as an Egyptian
"مخبوزات المعلم ميشيل محسن" Source: Facebook

5. The Rock becomes el-osta Zalata al-Tarzi , a tailor

6. Robert De Niro becomes Rami Bkhira, a carpenter

7. Al Pacino becomes Ashraf Feeno, who sells the best foul in town

8. Jackie Chan becomes Zaki Hicham, a street vendor

9. Will Smith becomes el-osta Wael Jibs, a truck driver

10. Adam Sandler becomes Adham Sandal, who decided to spend the rest of his life eating Egyptian streetfood

11. Robert Downey Jr. becomes Rami Awni el-soghayar, a street vendor

12. Jason statham becomes Hussein Salem el-arabaji, a farmer

13. Margot Robbie becomes Marwa Rabih. She predicted Trump's win and moved to Egypt in August.

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