Many Muslim-American hijabi women have swapped their hijabs for hats, many went about their lives in fear and others stood strong in the face of it all. All this in the first 24 hours since President-elect Donald Trump's surprise victory. You only need to run a Twitter search on "hijab" to see the numerous instances of reported hijabi hate crime (and these are only the crimes that are being reported...).

Trump's presidential campaign was characterized by Islamophobic rhetoric, which went as far as calling for a complete ban on Muslims entering the U.S. That statement has disappeared from the campaign's website since Trump's election. 

But, his racist, mysoginist have empowered the racists in America's midst. And hijab-wearing women are now terrified. 

"go hang yourself with it around your neck not on your head"

"Tell me again that Trump's rhetoric doesn't matter"

The attack hasn't been confirmed to be directly linked with the hijab. However, university spokesperson Pat Harris said the case is currently under investigation. 

"No one should experience this kind of behavior at San Jose State," she said, according to Mercury News.

In less than 24 hours ...

"The victim said the suspects then hit her with something metal which made her fall to the ground"

The police are currently investigating reports following an incident at the University of Louisiana where a hijabi student was hit with a metal object and robbed while walking to class. 

"I am not going to take off my hijab, I'm just going to tie it tighter"

Solidarity between non-whites

It takes courage

But the fear is real

"Be strong"

This girl's heartbreaking message broke the internet

No one should be scared to practice their beliefs

Especially not in a country where "freedom of worship" is enshrined in the constitution.

Trump is not your God