As if shopping alone wasn't a hassle on its own, imagine adding restrictions to what you can and can't buy. 

When you're a hijabi living in the Arab world (or anywhere else), picking out new outfits isn't all that easy.

Hijabis go through a very long and exhausting process to find what they're looking for. Here are a few problems they bump into whenever out on a shopping spree: 

1. On the numerous trips

You have to go on multiple shopping trips to various malls ... and what for? Just to purchase a decent piece of clothes at a reasonable price.

2. On the struggle of finding appropriate outfits

You see it, you pick it, you try it, it's see-through. 

Rinse and repeat. 

3. On hefty price tags

Oh look, a sleeved blouse that isn't see-through. Ah, yes, it costs an arm and a leg. 

Spending half your salary on one item certainly seems absurd. Thrift shopping, ladies?

4. On custom-made outfits

Almost every dress you see is either too short, too revealing, or all in all unsuited for veiled women. 

Sometimes, it's just better to go for the custom-made option ... even though a tailor will pocket a lot from you and will take their time on top of that.

5. On finding the right veil

Well, shopping isn't just for shirts and pants, oh no ... hijabis need to pick the right veil for whatever clothes they wear. Trying to find a 100 percent cotton veil so your hair doesn't get ruined looks more like Mission Impossible than It's a Wonderful Life.

6. On veils and patterns

Speaking of veils, good luck finding the exact shade you're looking for to match a specific outfit. 

If you're in for a bigger dilemma, then trying to choose one veil out of the various patterns and prints on display is a nightmare for the broke.

7. On weird trends

Finding a perfect piece of clothing at a reasonable price is alone a miracle. But it's soon turned into a problem when you discover the many cutouts on the back or shoulders.

8. On jeans that have more holes than material

For millions of people, finding that one pair of jeans that fits perfectly is a hassle. Now, imagine being a hijabi and finding the perfect pair ... only to spot several holes and cuts in it. *Massive facepalm*