Earlier this week, Somali hijabi model and activist Hamdia Ahmed was refused service at a U.S. Dunkin' Donuts branch after speaking in her native language with her family.

The incident unfolded as Ahmed was placing her order at a Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru in Portland, Maine, when an employee refused to take her and her family's order, accusing them of yelling. 

"All of a sudden we just hear like - 'Stop yelling. You're yelling in my ears!' And we were just like, 'What the hell just happened. What is going on? When were we yelling? We're having a conversation,'" Ahmed said

Ahmed shared a video of the incident on Twitter, adding that the employee allegedly told her and her family to leave the property and called the police.

"We were told to leave for speaking in our native language"

In the video, Ahmed can be heard saying "you're going to disrespect me because I speak a different language than you?" to the woman taking their order via a speaker.

The employee then can be heard saying: 

"It has nothing to do with your language, you can leave."

Authorities arrived to the scene soon after, and gave Ahmed a "no trespass notice" for "yelling at the employees and creating a disturbance." 

"This is America and everyone should have the right to speak in their native language. Unbelievable."

The owner of the branch has since issued an apology to the woman and her family, adding that he will be offering additional training to his staff.

The trespass order has also been revoked.

"Proud of myself for speaking up," Ahmed wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Ahmed received massive support on Twitter

"This is disgusting"

"This employee should be fired"

Others found it odd that the same thing happened to Ahmed at Starbucks

In September, Ahmed visited a Starbucks in Portland, asking an employee to check the "alcohol content of vanilla flavoring" that might be in her order. 

Instead of getting the information she requested, the barista allegedly started laughing while rolling her eyes.

"Other people have treated me with respect," said Ahmed. 

"They always change their gloves if I'm ordering a sandwich if they touch a pork product. They try to accommodate me, they try to be helpful and I appreciate them. But I've never had a situation like this, where someone refused to help me or read an ingredient for me that I can't physically see."

Who is Hamdia Ahmed?

Ahmed is a 20-year-old Somali-American refugee whose outspoken nature has made her a voice for refugees and immigrants around the world. 

In December 2017, the activist and model became the first Miss Maine pageant contestant to wear the hijab.