Summertime and hijabis ... it's a love-hate relationship, really. 

If you need an explanation, the three words "hijab tan lines" should do it for you. 

Standing in the scorching sun in hijab doesn't just lead to drenched clothes. No, it goes beyond just that. 

When exposed to the sun in public areas, hijabis' uncovered parts of the head and hands end up getting darker ... while covered parts maintain a lighter skin tone.

And that's what we call the birth of "hijab tan line."

1. Summer is synonymous with "season of hijab tan lines"

2. A real life depiction of the phrase

3. Countless memes on the situation have surfaced

4. That look is oh-so-familiar

5. "It looks like I haven't blended my foundation out"

6. *Stays home all summer*

7. When you're scared to SEE the sun's disastrous effect

8. "I'm gonna have a whole country border on my forehead"

9. If you thought a farmer's tan was unattractive ...