Since Disney is apparently having a lot of trouble finding actors to fill the roles of its live-action Aladdin film, we thought we'd offer our services.

We've already suggested some great male actors who would be perfect as Aladdin. And now it's time for Jasmine. 

After all, we don't want Hollywood to have another whitewashing scandal, do we? 

1. Salma Abu Deif from Egypt

Salma Abu Deif is an Egyptian model and actress who has been making waves in the past couple of years. 

She's made appearances on fashion runways and international photo-shoots, while her social media following has exploded.

2. Hiba Tawaji from Lebanon

Although she already had a significant fanbase in Lebanon, Hiba Tawaji shot to international fame after appearing on The Voice France in 2015.

Having performed as the main female role in some of the most known Rahbani musicals, she most recently joined the cast of Notre-Dame de Paris as Esmeralda. 

3. Zineb Obeid from Morocco

Zineb Obeid is a Moroccan actress and television presenter. She has performed in numerous television series and films throughout her career. 

In 2009, she played in a Discovery Channel documentary production about the pharaohs. 

4. Aiysha Hart from Saudi Arabia

British-Saudi actress Aiysha Hart grew up in the Middle East before becoming a screenwriter and actress in British dramas. 

She's best known for her roles as Ariadne in the BBC drama series Atlantis and Mona in independent thriller Honour

5. Rakeen Saad from Jordan

Born in Amman, Rakeen Saad is best-known for her roles in 3000 Nights (2015), The Worthy (2016) and Samarqand (2016).

6. Leem Lubany from Palestine

Leem Lubany has starred in several hit Arab films, starting with Omar in 2013. She's also played in Rock the Kasbah (2015) and From A to B (2014).

7. Shaila Sabt from Bahrain

Shaila Sabt was crowned as Bahrain's Top Model in 2010. She continues to work as an actress and model and has gone on to win the titles of Miss Middle East 2013, Miss Photogenic 2013 and Miss Arab Stars 2015.