saudi firefighters

A Saudi firefighter who gave his own oxygen mask to a child during a rescue mission went viral on social media last week. 

As his story continues to make the rounds online, the brave man, who has now been identified as Mishal Al Enezi, is being hailed as a national hero. 

According to local newspaper Okaz, Al Enezi was part of a team dispatched to deal with a fire that broke out in an apartment block located in the kingdom's Ha'il governorate, on Thursday. 

During the rescue, he spotted a child who was suffocating and saved their life by giving them his oxygen mask. 

Photos of Al Enezi carrying the victim out of the burnt building went viral on social media just hours after the incident and took Twitter by storm. 

The young firefighter collapsed shortly after the rescue and was immediately hospitalized. 

He has now been transferred to Riyadh for further treatment...

Hours after the incident, Saudi authorities ordered the young firefighter's transfer to Riyadh. He is currently receiving critical treatment in intensive care.

In an interview with Rotana TV's Ya Hala program, Farhan Al Enezi, the firefighter's uncle, shared updates on his condition. 

"His condition is stable, he's still in ICU, but he's slowly getting better," Al Enezi said. 

He also added that the entire family was proud of the young man's selflessness and bravery. 

The heroic act is still making the rounds online

"He defined sacrifice." 

"He risked his own life to save the child"

"This kind of selflessness is rare in our world today"

Many hailed Al Enezi

Thousands are now wishing him a speedy recovery

"May God grant you a full recovery."

"When a person saves one soul, it is as if they saved all humanity"

"Not all heroes wear capes"