Lebanon has a reputation for being a party destination. We all know that. Without rehashing clichés about Beirut "coming out of its shell as a party city,"  and away from the tired stories about half-naked Lebanese people dancing on the rubble of enduring political turmoil, we need to emphasize that it's not a die-hard love to party that makes Lebanon irresistible to party-goers. It's the fact that Lebanon is as creative as partying gets about its nightlife.

And what better time to experience this than the summer?

Every summer is jam-packed with nightlife (which doesn't always happen at night), and it never fails to surprise us with a different flavor, a new set-up, and advertising that's sometimes too raunchy for many to stomach.

From outdoor summer music festivals, raves in the mountains, all-night beach parties and Beirut's energetic pub scene, there's never a dull moment.

There is the weekly favorite Decks On The Beach happening every Friday night at Beirut's Sporting Beach Club...

Located right next to Beirut's iconic Roauche rocks (or Pigeon Rocks), this chill Mediterranean party draws a hipster crowd that just wants to dance all night, care and worry free. The organizers weekly fly in DJs from Europe and other exotic locations, ensure that the beats are always fresh and at the forefront of emerging trends. Although people trickle in before midnight, things really get going around 1 a.m.

And then there are those epic mountain/lake parties...

Source: Jason Lemon
Source: Jason Lemon

OK, it might not be an actual lake as was advertised by the part organizers, Cunxt Sat, but the vibe is chill. This all-day/all-night party kicked off in the early afternoon with people lounging by the lake/pool and hanging out on the grass as cool beats drop in the background. As the sun set, the vibe transforms into a dance party on the lawn.

Cunxt Sat plans all kind of creatively-organized parties at various unique locations throughout Lebanon during the summer. From beach parties in Batroun to this mountain party in Baskinta, it's a Lebanon's party landscape that's constantly reinventing itself.

We also can't forget the street festivals...

Starting in the late spring and continuing into early autumn, neighborhoods take turns transforming into pop-up party venues. The streets become a dance floor and cars are kindly asked to take another route for the day.

Many of Lebanon's villages and smaller towns host events like this as well, so keep your eyes on social media to know where the best event is happening each weekend... or weekday.

And it seems like every night there's a party at The POP UP Hotel !

The veranda of Beirut's iconic and never-again-restored Saint Georges Hotel transforms on weekends and some weekdays into the coolest party venue, allowing partygoers to dance all night with the city's most expensive neighborhood rising as the backdrop.

We can't neglect all the classy rooftop places...

The streets of the ancient city of Byblos become a massive bar area

The pubbing spots in Beirut, Jounieh, Dbayeh cover Lebanon's map like a blanket

And there's always room to explore this ever-expanding scene