On Thursday, more than two million pilgrims, who arrived in Mecca from all over the world, united in a journey towards mount Arafat to perform what is known as the most important ritual of Hajj — Wuqoof Al-Arafah.

The act is known as wuqoof (standing) and is considered the most important part of Hajj. 

It takes place on the second day of the five-day pilgrimage. Muslim pilgrims travel to the plain of Arafat, where they remain until dusk performing prayers. 

"According to Islamic tradition, Arafat is the place where Adam and Eve were reunited following their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Arafat is also the place where the Prophet Muhammad delivered his Farewell Sermon," the British Museum explains.

Millions who performed the ritual during this year's pilgrimage captured their incredible spiritual journeys in moving images and videos that have now gone viral

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