Janerik season is finally here and soon people will be rushing to local markets to get their hands on a kilo (or five) of the much loved sour unripe plums - a delicacy across the Middle East. 

But not this Wednesday, because that's the day when janerik fans can leave it to UBER to deliver the fruit right to their doorstep (complete with salt). 

Yes, you heard that right. 

The ride-hailing app is capitalizing on the fruit's popularity to market its services and will be delivering fresh janerik to people all over Beirut on Wednesday May 17. 

The demand is set to be super high given that Lebanese have a long standing janerik obsession. 

Don't believe us? 

Here's proof: 

People have mental breakdowns when janerik runs out of stock

"I can't find janerik anywhere. People told me I'd find some in Carrefour so I went there and as usual I am out of luck... they're all gone!"  

Many have long dreamed about janerik delivery

"Why doesn't anyone deliver janerik?" 

"If there isn't a janerik tree in heaven, I am not going there."

All hell breaks loose if you tell people you hate janerik

It's "3azeb" if you live in a country where there's no janerik

"You don't have janerik where you live? Now that's torture!" 

Janerik fever

"Love isn't always about people, it sometimes reveals itself in a kilo of janerik with salt." 

Even Najwa is obsessed with Janerik