Let me tell you something: people are not exaggerating when they say that Dubai is the #FoodPorn capital of the Arab world. 

There is no way to avoid food there, especially when there are so many options. From healthy, to paleo, to yummy, to heavenly, you just have to sample everything.

As a Lebanese women who has lived in Dubai for 15 years and has been visiting regularly for the past 7, I shouldn't be surprised by the amount of food nor the taste. 

However, my most recent 5 day trip to the emirate totally caught me by surprise. Here's why.  

1. Eggs at the Sum of Us

I had a real craving for breakfast and got the perfect fix at the Sum of Us, a café located in Trade Center. 

I had eggs florentine, which are poached eggs on a bed of asparagus and sautéed spinach, on a toasted croissant. 

First of all, yeah, it's really hipster. But second of all? YUM.  

But, that doesn't even compare to what I had next...

2. The Cronut - the perfect combination of a donut and a croissant

Cronuts are essentially donuts made out of croissant dough. The decadent treat was created by a New York City pastry chef, and has been taking the world by storm. 

At Sum of Us, I was able to get my hands on a caramel topped, chocolate-filled cronut, and it was glorious. 

So much so I couldn't even stop to take a picture of myself devouring it... I had to go back to the counter. 

3. While on the subject of dessert...

Honey cake is a big deal in Dubai. It's been a big deal for a while.

You can find it in almost all local supermarkets and bakeries, and it is the stuff of absolute excess. 

My favorite honey cake can be found at Katrina, a Dubai bakery located in Mirdiff (among many other places). My aunt, a long term resident of Dubai, was nice enough to get me one. 

Just look at those layers...

4. I had to get my Salt on

Excuse the YAS. I used to use it ironically and it crept its way to my daily vocabulary

Before going to Dubai, I was asked where I wanted to go and I said the only thing I needed was Salt, the food truck at Kite Beach. 

As obviously seen, I got more than Salt, but it was definitely my favorite part of the trip...  

From the spicy Cheetos chicken burger to the sweet potato fries... everything was perfect.

5. But how about more perfection?

That awkward moment when you eat most of the ice cream before you take the photo... 

After the burgers, you just need to have a softie (basically a sundae). Actually scratch that, you need to get the lotus softie, which is basically the biscuit spread and vanilla ice cream, in a cone, drizzled with caramel and lotus biscuit crumbles...

It's heaven. 

6. More breakfast!

Not being a morning person, breakfast is the only thing worth waking up for. I really see no other point. 

And while I had already had breakfast, I had to visit one of my favorite restaurants with one of my favorite breakfast items: Pancakes.

Would anyone else not go to the International House of Pancakes? 

I mean besides getting two eggs, sausages, hash-browns and pancakes for a reasonable price, the pancakes are so damn fluffy and delicious.

Word on the street is it's coming to Hamra in Beirut... so fingers crossed that it actually happens!

7. One last hurrah!

My last food experience happened at the airport, where I decided to stop at a restaurant called Giraffe. 

I would literally recommend traveling just for this dish: the Margherita Pasta. 

You know how when you get pasta meal at a restaurant, it comes in this never-ending bowl and you never seem to finish it? 

...That was not the case with this plate because it was gone in a matter of minutes.  

8. Wash it down with a mason jar!

I mean... it's a place called Giraffe, obviously they're hipster-ish and serve their drinks in mason jars, but I'm not even mad. 

I mean, it's pomegranate ice tea... I doubt it comes in a can...