There is no shortage of artistic talent in the Arab world, so Arab artists have taken to Twitter to put their skills on display.

Under the hashtag #ArabArtists, some 1,500 artists from across the Arab world shared samples of their work, flooding the social media platform with demonstrations of their impeccable talent.  

Ranging from pencil sketches to huge graffitis, here are some of the most impressive works of art:

From notebook sketches that take doodling to a whole new level

To illustrations you would want to use as cover photos

This #WomenStruggles comic is on-point

Of course, calligraphy made an appearance

As did calligraffiti

National pride was on full display

Artists found inspiration from regional culture

"Hauntingly beautiful" never rung so true

#HalaMadrid with an Arab twist

People are loving the hashtag ... "There is still talent and hope in this world"

Are you an Arab artist yourself? Join the hype and share your artwork on Twitter!