Eid Al-Fitr is a time of celebration after a whole month of fasting. 

The wait for this holiday is widely and eagerly anticipated, especially since Eid money - 3ediya - is involved. 

Egyptian families take Eid very seriously. How can we not when Kaak El Eid is made by the tons with its snowy layers of confectioner's sugar?

Here is a glimpse at some of the preparations for a typical Egyptian Eid: 

1. The annual fight over cleaning the house before Eid is inevitable

If the shoe hits you, you know you're the chosen one.

Don't ignore mother unless you want another shoe flying in your direction.

2. Making Kaak El Eid with the family is always fun

Source: Efty

Be it 5 or 10 kilograms of ma'moul, the full-flavored traditional Eid cookies dusted with powdered sugar and stuffed with dates or nuts are a must in every Arab household. 

They are definitely worth all the hard work. 

3. It's totally fine if your mom makes 3 kilograms of ghorayebah

Source: Mawdoo3

Goes well with 5 kilograms of ma'moul.

4. Fighting with mama to let you play, I mean help her with the ammonia cookies

You know you only want in on the preparations because the spinning is fun.

5. Our elders cashing out brand new banknotes for 3ediya

6. Some families even get the salted fish ready

Since we have been missing out on salted fish the whole of Ramadan, we binge on herring fish, and sardines. Some even go for fesikh - our smelly salted and dried gray mullet. We're not alone in this though, our brethren in Gaza enjoy fesikh during Eid Al-Fitr too. 

7. Let's not forget the TV snacks

Source: Zanjbil

Termis is life, my friends. 

Snacking on yummy lupini beans brings the family together over Eid TV series.